Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shawn Goheen, CEO - Zonesty

Zonesty, a reseller of deregulated power in Texas, has changed the way consumers shop for cheaper electricity. The mere thought of searching for a better electricity option can be overwhelming and for that reason, many people will stick to what they have rather than changing companies. Changing companies doesn’t have to be a difficult process when there is a resource like Zonesty to be a guide from start to finish. Not only can consumers view the rates, it is also possible to sign up for services, even if they are currently in a contract with another company. A new utility contract can be signed up to 6 months out from the end of a current contract, which mean customers don’t have to wait until their current service agreement is about to expire in order to sign up for the savings offered through Zonesty. 

Many consumers know it is necessary to lower their monthly expenses and utilities can be one of the highest bills faced by a homeowner, renter, or business owner. Without drastic measures, lowering the utility bills can be difficult but with a new electric contract through Zonesty, it becomes possible in less than 10 minutes. The simple 3 step process available on Zonesty takes the guesswork and confusion out of finding a new electric provider in Texas. 

This innovative way of shopping for electricity has created a positive wave of competition within the market. Due to the deregulation in Texas, it can be difficult to distinguish the legitimate companies from the scams but Zonesty generates rates from the top service providers in the Dallas and Houston area. Customers using Zonesty to find their rates will be pleasantly surprised to see the rates and fees up front; honest and transparent pricing is the cornerstone of Zonesty.  

The founder and CEO, Shawn Goheen understands how frustrating it can be for consumers to navigate through the new territory of deregulated electricity. Without the hidden fees and fluctuating rates, Mr. Goheen will put customers in a more advantageous position than if they were to use a traditional energy broker or try to do comparisons completely on their own; both methods are time consuming and rarely yield positive results. Zonesty eliminates the hassle and within 10 minutes, consumers are well on their way to significant savings.